Vice-Chair DJ Dave

Welcome Bay Area Wedding Professionals to our new and improved website!  For those of you that aren’t social media savvy, a blog is simply a means of networking on line. It is usually started by a subject matter, expert posting a topic and followed by comments from you the blogging public. With that in mind I am proud to be the second post for our BAWP BLOG!

Howdy Folks! My name is David Robertson and I am your BAWP Vice Chairman. I serve at the pleasure of the board as an intern to the current BAWP Chairman, Amy Dougherty. At the end of her term I will assume the office of Chairman.

I am the founder and owner of Musical Cheers DJ’s. In business for over 35 years, Musical Cheers is one of Houston’s oldest and finest disc jockey companies. It’s our attention to detail and quality of service that has us listed as preferred vendors at many BAWP and other Houston wedding venues. We have been the preferred Disc Jockeys at Butler’s Courtyard for over 14 years!  As a small father and son company, we focus on doing what we love – playing great music. We don’t have linens, pipe and drape, photo booths, or big warehouse offices. We do have all professional top of the line equipment, endless music libraries, and very affordable prices. We believe that no bride should go without music on her wedding day due to budget. How can we be of service to your brides?

And now my BLOG topic. I know most of you have seen the Verizon commercial where the spokesman says his bit and then drops the microphone on the floor. Now every best man or maid of honor, thinks it’s funny to do a microphone drop at the end of his toast! What’s not so funny is a professional disc jockey microphone costs anywhere from six hundred to over a thousand dollars! Dropping them on the floor usually breaks them, resulting in down time to hook up a new mike and the bride and groom getting a very expensive bill for damage to equipment. Trust me no one likes to use their honeymoon money to pay for microphone replacement. Many local DJ’s are now warning bridal parties up front of their financial liability for damage and talking about charging a damage deposit until this craziness passes. As a coordinator or venue owner you can help by educating your wedding clients on not just microphone drops, but damage in general. Hopefully this will result in less breakage and happy brides and grooms.

Welcome to the Official Bay Area Wedding Professionals BLOG !!

My name is Amy Doherty. I am the Chairman for this wonderful networking group. I started attending Bay Area Wedding Professionals about 9 years
ago. At first I wasn’t too sure of who everyone was and how this networking for 2 hours a month could benefit me or the business. I would attend
here and there. Over time I got to meet new vendors and then these vendors became my friends. As I got to know my new friends more and more I saw
the benefits of this group. I was able to share my frustrations about events/clients, at the same time, I received wonderful advice. I gathered new
ideas and realized that we are all in the same “Wedding Boat”. A boat that I am honored to be on. The members of this group are my colleges,
friends, my guidance and inspiration. In 2013 I served a 2-year term as secretary. Later voted by the board to the Vice Chair position in 2015.
In December 2016 I was named the Chairman for this group.

And now……. Who am I in the wedding industry you ask??? …… I am the General Manager of Robinette & Company Caterers in Seabrook. I have been
with Robinette & Company for about 11 years (and NO my name is not Robin). I manage about 45 employees, a full service social and corporate
catering company along with a store front that sells gifts and home cooked dinners to go called Dish n Dash.

I LOVE my job. Catering is my element. I love the hustle and the bustle and I believe in only doing something if you’re going to give it your all.
Don’t do it if you’re not!

I cannot explain how proud of what Bay Area Wedding Professionals has become. From a small kitchen table of 12 local vendors to now having over 150 paid members.

–Members that care

–Members that love what they do

–Members that go the extra mile

Looking forward to a fabulous and prosperous year for all!


Amy Doherty

BAWP Chairman